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Rosomaha Project:Jared`s Secret Plan for Miami Marlins

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Miami`s new co-owner and CEO, Derek, plans to bring the baseball club to a profit in the MLB season in 2018. This shows documents from the so-called Rosomah Project -;the secret business plan handed out by the New York Yankee legend to potential investors last year, unveiled now and published by the Miami Herald newspaper. The newspaper claims to have received the secret information from two businessmen who participated in the negotiations with the Jetter group. The paper plans a total of five material on the subject. The figures quoted in the first part indicate that the idea of the former Yankee captain is to cut the players` salary budget dramatically by adding revenue to tickets, new corporate sponsorship contracts, and changing the terms of the deal. local TV rights, and a one-time $ 50 million grant from the `Marlins` league via contacts with baseball tipsters this year, so that the dying club will come out on top. However, of all the proceeds planned, only the MLB support that each team will receive in 2018 is guaranteed, thanks to the sale of the league`s controlling stake in Disney`s BAMtech digital media company for $ 1, 58 billion

Otherwise, the clearing of expensive stars is already in full swing. Only in the last month Marlins has freed himself from three titles, which this year had to take a total of $ 36 million -;Cancarlo Stanton moved to New York Yankees, Marcel Osuna in St. Louis Cardinals, and Dee Gordon in Seattle Mariners. But it immediately set the fans against the new leadership. `I can not sit here and say, ` Believe me! `- said Jetter at a public meeting with the fans in Miami City Hall in December -` You do not know me. `Confidence builds with time I know how a club should work to be sustainable for a long time I know you`ve survivedbut I have no regard for that, the way forward will be tough, it will take time and a lot of effort. `

Since joining MLB in 1993, Marlins has played only twice in the playoffs;with `Wild Card` in 1997 and 2003, ironically, both times becoming a champion. For the last time, the Florida team ended up with a positive balance in the regular season in 2009.

`We will invest in building this club the right way to compete each year, ` Derek Jitter promised to the fanslast month - `We`re trying to fix something that`s broken. `

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