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Germany has paid a thank-you fee for the 2006 World Cup

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The former former World Football Federation (FIFA) leader, Mohammed Bin Hamam, has confirmed he has received 6, 7 million euros as a one-off payment in connection with Germany`s choice of hosting the 2006 World Cup, German media reported. However, the former vice president of the governing body in world football has refused to be involved in any charge of corrupt practices, calling it a payment beyond normal logic, the TV reportage reported on ZE De Ef. In an exclusive television interview, Binh Hamam said:`6, 7 million have gone to my account, but yes, but I want to know why Germany has to bribe me for something they`ve already received, maybe they give me a rewardfor the winning World Cup on my account `. The amount was received after the 2000 World Cup, confirmed Bin Hamam. Germany was given the right to organize the championship predicted by buy baseball picks 6 years later at a meeting of the FIFA executive in 1999. The Qatari businessman also said that he has nothing to do with the accusations of his country, which is believed to have received the World Cup 2022 in a dishonest way through corruption.

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