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Tens of thousands of Pirate`s fans are pushing for a club sale

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An online petition for the sale of Pittsburgh Pirates was created by a fan of the baseball team. Jay Kay wants to gather enough followers to make an official appeal to MLB to force the current owner of the `pirates` Bob Ninging to leave the club. At the start of the petition two days ago, Jay`s goal was to collect 25, 000 signatures. This limit was reached in less than 24 hours and yesterday the author updated the mission -;35 000 votes. Today, the petition is supported by more than 39, 000 fans, and the newest goal is 50, 000.

`Pittsburgh is a baseball city that is being destroyed by a greedy owner. ` There are so many loyal supporters who are really excited and supporting the teamin good and bad, we deserve better, so we need a change from the top of the organization Bob Nuting has to sell this club advised by watch live baseball so that we can see a retired team again, apparently he does not want to give money tothis is what you need, an owner who has a competitive spirit and loves a basepain, `writes Jay Kay. The fans` dissatisfaction was unleashed when Pittsburgh decided to split up with two of his top players in the last few days. First Saturday, the Ace of Pitt Rotation, Gerrit Cole, was sold to champion Houston Astros, and then on Monday, emblematic outsider Andrew McCatchon traded in San Francisco Cants. These leaders` moves shook not only the audience but also the other baseball players in the team. As a result, the experienced inflator Josh Harrison even wished to leave the club, basing his position as follows:

`Baseball is business, I understand this, and I know the transfers are part of it. ` I love this game and this team but the reality is, that I just lost two of my closest friends Cole and Katch are not just friends, they were the best pitcher and the best field player of Pirates. I now have the longest experience in the team I want to defeat, I want to win titles, I want to win championships in 2018, 2019, etc. If, however, the team does not expect to fightor next season, maybe it will be better for everyone to sell. `

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