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Child`s miracle of Real Madrid injures defender with. . fint

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Real Madrid`s future player, the Brazilian child, a miracle Viniscius, showed why the Spanish grandmother paid 45 million euros for him in May 2017. The teenager, born in July 2000, is being leased by Lance Blancos to his native Flamengo team, but is already owned by the world club from archive for baseball tips champion, and Real`s fans are probably already pleased with their hands and are eager to see the supertant with the white jersey.

The 17-year-old Brazilian not only scored in the 77th minute the second goal in winning Flamengo with 2:0 against Boavists in the Guanabara trophy final. In addition to his victory, Vinisius shone with something that turned out to be a bit bolder for Boavist defender Kadu Fernandez.

The defender did not really have a day after he first scored an own goal in the 64th minute, and a quarter hour before the end of the match, he was literally injured after Vinisius Junior`s finishing off the outfit. The helpless Kadu fell on the grass and failed to play the match by being forced to give way to his teammate.

Vinicius Junior also scored a nice goal in Flamengo`s 3-1 victory against Botafogo in the semi-finals.

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