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Honor: Mourinho put Dyer in a compromising position

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Tottenham manager Mauriceio Pocetino revealed how Jose Mourinho has caused a drop in the shape of Eric Dyer. The Argentine also shared the difference between him and the player about the position he is most useful for. I told Eric what he needed to become the best English central defender, but he must believe that, explains Pocetino. - He was called to the national team after his appearances in the midfield. Having attracted Victor Wanyama (in the summer of 2016), Eric, who is already a midfielder, felt we were treating him incorrectly, because Wanyama`s arrival would stop him from developing. His presentation began to suffer from this. We talked a lot, but I felt he did not tell me everything. I tried to find out and help him, but it did not work. Then I realized that Manchester United had asked about him and the player was hesitant. The people around him pressed him, even though United had not promised him anything. After the match advised by watch live baseball of Old Trafford (Man United won Tottenham 1-0 in December 2016), we and Mourinho finished our interviews with the players coming out of the pitch. When Jose finished with the media, he stood at the exit of the tunnel. He greeted Musa Sisoko and hugged Dyer. They walked past me on the way to the dressing rooms, laughing and speaking in Portuguese. Perhaps this is something typical of Mourinho, but he put Eric in a compromising position. You can not do this after a loss.

I asked him: Are you friends with Mourinho? , and he said: No, but I have known him for a long time, since my time in Portugal one of his goddesses was a coach. He always congratulates me. On Monday afternoon we sat down and talked four hours about everything: his agent, the family, the confusion. About the incident with Mourinho he said, `What could I do? `He told me about United`s interest in the summer and I explained the situation to him: Look, you will not leave because he signed a five-year contract with us in August. Among his top-ranked players in Tottenham at the age of 22. You are important to us and you can become the best central defender in the Premier League. After this conversation, Eric admitted that he could wait for Mourinho to get home before going to the dressing room.

The Honor tells how Gradually Dyer has calmed down and started playing again at the previous level: He had a complex six months. Eric thinks his best position is in the midfield. We have long talked about this because I do not think so. Finally, I said, `It does not matter. If you give yourself everything, you will perform well, no matter where you play. Gradually, Dyer returned his concentration, began to make the right decisions, and understood his limitations. We must not forget that he is playing at this level relatively soon.

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