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Real Madrid has been slapped in ShL, Tottenham broke the king`s mantle

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European Real Madrid was hit 1: 3 on a visit to Tottenham in a group H match at the Champions League. This is the second consecutive loss for the `whites` after the shoot in Primera vs Girona. The defeat at Wembley tonight has dramatically reduced Real`s chances of finishing first in the group. Dele Ali scored two hits (27 and 56), and Christian Eriken scored in the 65th. Cristiano Ronaldo retained the honor of the champions with a precise shot in the 80th minute. With the success Tottenham officially qualified for the 1/8-finals.

The restored Harry Kane led the attack on the Spurs. Zinedine Zidane did not cheat on the scheme with Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo in attack and Iskog behind them. Young Ashraf Hakimy was once again amongst the French specialist.

Isko made the first blow in the third minute. The low ball did not hinder particularly Hugo Loris. In the sixth, Isko is coming from a corner first corner where Sergio Ramos did not manage well. A minute later `los merenes` built a nice counter, Ronaldo chose an extension to the right to Ashraf, who centered inaccurately. In the 11th Harry Kane came to a shooting position, but decided to transfer Kiko Casiaya, who caught without difficulty. In the 14th, Keuron Tripier took a very sharp ball into the small field, but no one detected it. In the 23rd Kristiano entered the field, prepared for a shot, but Jan Vertonghen intervened sacrificed on the edge of the allowed.

In the 26th English, the result mentioned by archive for baseball tips was found. The side referee missed the ambush, Tripir centered with the first touch, and Ali saw on the edge of the small penalty field, putting his foot before Nacho Fernandez. The guests from Santiago Bernabeu responded like a sting. In 29th, Casemiro shoots very insignificantly low in the diagonal, but Loris prevented the attack with a nice plan. In the 32nd Kristiano made a canon of fingers in the penalty box and released a corridor for a shot at a close angle - he sent the ball to the outside of the net. A minute later, the Portuguese made a new shot, this time from the point of the penalty, and Loris was lucky to see the ball find his hands. In the 39th Ramos, he did not know how to point the net. After the ball was lifted in from the left, the visitors` goalie did not do much the same for his team mates.

The 41st was hot in front of Casia after a wonderful new trip to Tripir. The ball hit Kane, who crossed the goalie with his shot, but the ball was blocked by Ramos. The English striker claimed a penalty, and the repetitions showed that the ball was first struck in the defender`s thigh. The 42nd Portuguese had a chance to straighten up but was blocked. In the next attack, Real Benzema shot from the rainbow, and Loris sensed where the ball went and plunged at the exact moment. In the 53rd Marcello centering sharply in the small penal field, Loris knocked out, and then a defender sent the ball away. Three minutes later, the British made a run for the second time. Dele Ali made a great break to the right, kicked 19 meters, the ball ricocheted at Ramos` foot, misled Kasimiya and flopped into the net.

The 62nd European kings made a new big pass. In the penalty box, Ronaldo missed the ball, defended?

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