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Baseball tipster Donald Trump: The NBA is in big trouble because of kneeling

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US President Donald Trump has once again criticized the way the NBA allows its players to protest. As is known, before the start of the matches via watch live baseball of the renewed season, the basketball players knelt during the performance of the anthem, demonstrating their peaceful protest against racial discrimination. LeBron James responded to Donald Trump`s criticism of kneeling
Kneeling was awful for basketball. See NBA ratings. They are at such low levels, and this is due to the opposite way in which the League is governed. People are angry, so I think the NBA is in big trouble. Much bigger than they imagined, Trump said in an interview with FOX Sports Radio.

This is another case in which the president verbally interferes in the actions of the League. A week ago, again in an interview, Trump said he was disappointed and disgraced by the knees of the stars, adding that he had stopped watching the meetings. A little later, LA Lakers star LeBron James replied that no one cares about the president`s audience interest.

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