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Baseball prediction The referee of the clash between Roma and Milan was appointed

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The Italian Football Association has appointed referees for the matches of the 24th round in Serie A. The most anticipated clash in this round pits Roma and Milan against Olimpico on Sunday. And the referee of this match will be 39-year-old Marco Guida. So far, this referee has led 28 games according soccer predictions bonuses for Milan and 21 for Roma. Once in his career he was a referee in a clash between the two teams. This happened in the 2018-19 season, when the `Rossoneri` won 2:1, and the interesting thing is that Guida did not raise a single card and did not award a single penalty in this match. At the same time, it became clear that Daniele Chifi will chair the match between Inter and Genoa. The match between Verona and Juventus is entrusted to Fabio Maresca, and the match between Napoli and Benevento will be played by Rosario Abiso.

Serie `A`, round 24, referee orders:

Turin - Sassuolo: Canpaolo Calvarese

Spice - Parma: Daniele Orsato

Bologna - Lazio: Piero Giacomelli

Verona - Juventus: Fabio Maresca

Sampdoria - Atalanta: Livio Marinelli

Crotone - Cagliari: Michael Fabri

Udinese - Fiorentina: Manuel Volpi

Inter - Genoa: Daniele Chifi

Napoli - Benevento: Rosario Abiso

Roma - Milan: Marco Guida

The referee of the clash between Roma and Milan was appointed Baseball prediction - more details and information: Baseball prediction

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