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MLB investigates whether the ball is inflated

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After commissioner Rob Manfred dismissed any doubt that the baseball was `inflated, ` MLB had commissioned a commission to investigate whether that was really the case. New York Daily News New York New York Mercantile Manager John Rico revealed that the topic was discussed during a meeting of the 30 clubs by watch live baseball in Orlando, Florida last week. In his words, the initial tests did not find anything unusual, but the analysis continues. `They told us about the committee that is currently in the process of studying the ball, and a team of first-class physicists and scientists gathered to carry out detailed research. ` The first data shows that almost nothing has changed in the lineup of the ball. But we will see what they will say at last, `Rico quoted him as saying in the paper.

Several Premier League pitchers have announced that they feel different balls used in matches over the past year and a half compared to previous seasons. The change, according to them, became tangible after the Stars` Game in 2016. This coincided with the sharp increase in the number of hit home runs in MLB. In 2017 a new record was placed with 6, 104 home runs in the regular season, which was more than 400 more than the top achievement so far;5693 in 2000.

According to some pitchers, the ball has become stiffer and slippery, others say the stitches are harder to grip. Many managers and coaches supported their main players and even assumed that changing the ball was the cause of the increased unusual bouts. Medical reports from the past season testify to the frequent cases of pricking on the fingers of the pitchers. `I`ve never had a mascara before, or anything close to such a problem, ` said Toronto star star Blue Jay Marcus Stroman. `It`s crazy, extremely irritating, and I feel like some kind of epidemic has caught the leagueSo many pitchers complain, Pitters who never had such a problem before, If the MLB turns its back on it, then there is something odd. `

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