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Baseball tip With the phrase Messi Che you look, moron? Go away! mugs, caps and t-shirts are sold in Argentina, and the blogger`s remix scored 115 thousand views in three days

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Lionel Messi`s remark about Wout Wegorst went viral in Argentina.

The Mercado Libre website began selling t-shirts, caps and mugs with the inscription: What are you looking at, idiot? Get out of here you idiot! Some Argentines even get tattoos with the viral phrase.

Lyrics What are you looking at, moron? Get out of here you idiot! Lionel Messi was said by him in the mixed zone to the striker Wout Wegorst of the Argentina match from archive for baseball tips against the Netherlands in the 1/4 finals (2:2, on penalties - 4:3).

The phrase has also gone viral on social media and YouTube. Blogger DJaLee (39, 400 subscribers) made a remix of Que miras bobo, which gained 115 thousand views in just three days.

The phrase went viral because Messi was always so reserved, quiet, and people probably wanted him to have that piquancy that Diego [Maradona] had. We love this marauded Messi, " said graphic designer Tony Molfese.

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