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Baseball prediction Souness on Chelsea: Crazy to sell Lukaku, Werner and spend 170m on defenders. Havertz won`t score enough. Need to think

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Graeme Souness has criticized Chelsea`s transfer policy.

The former head coach of Liverpool spoke about the lack of goals scored by the Londoners after their match analyzed by baseball predictions with Nottingham Forest (1:1).

What did Chelsea talk about before the match? They knew they were going to be aggressive, they got it in the first half, but they couldn`t handle Forest when he got aggressive.

When you are at war, you need to act differently, and they are not capable of that. The top scorers [Kai Havertz and Raheem Sterling] scored four goals each. Has the team improved without Timo Werner and Lukaku? They don`t score goals.

If you`ve lost two of your strikers and then spend ?170m on defenders, what do you think? Of course, the priority when you let go of Timo Werner and Lukaku is to get a striker.

I think Potter needs time. This is not a team that is ready to win big matches. Their goal difference is plus two.

He [Havertz] won`t score enough goals. It`s crazy to sell Timo Werner, Lukaku and then spend ?170m on three defenders. You must think.

The hardest thing to find scorers. If you can afford to spend ?170m on defenders, go ahead, but the main thing for me is the fact that you sold two strikers. They weren`t the answer - neither in the long term nor in the short term - but they were better than what they have right now.

You can`t say they`re better off with the firepower they have now, " Souness told Sky Sports.
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