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Baseball lags behind in a poll for the Olympics in Paris

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The most authoritative French sports daily `Team` is conducting an online poll amongst its readers on what additional sports they would like to see in the Paris Olympics program. Among the proposed 12 sports is baseball, which has a special status for Tokyo `, 20, but has not yet regained its full-fledged seat in the Olympic family lost after Beijing. Every participant in the poll has to choose three sports that he thinks deserve to be Olympic disciplines in 2024. To date, just under 21, 000 fans have voted, with the most support being squashed (19%), climbing(17%) and karate (16%). Next are surf (11%) and balls (10%), and baseball (6%) shares sixth place with skateboarding and water skiing. Ninth place is electronic and roller sports with 3%, before bowling (2%) and billiard (1%).

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